If you have questions, you are in the right place!

What does LMS stand for?

Learning Management System

How much does it cost for a member registration?

$6 USD per year

Can I preview the content before I purchase a license?

The best way to do this is to contact someone within your Club who already has a license, and ask them if you can preview it.

How do I register?

On the main login page, click on Subscriptions in the right hand corner. Make sure you click on the right subscription.

Who gets a free license?

Club Presidents, Club President-Elects, Club Foundation Representatives, and Secretary/Treasurers.

Can my Club pay for the all of its member's licenses?

Most definitely. To do this please contact lms@optimist.org

What if my Club has a Secretary and a Treasurer, do they both get a free license?

Unfortunately, no. They can either share a license, or the Club can purchase a license for $6 USD.

If I have a free license, what happens on 9/30 every year?

On 9/30 every year the new officers will be given the free licenses, and the past officers will be asked to pay $6 USD if they would like to keep their license.

If I qualify for a free license, what do I do?

You should have gotten an email from Optimist International with instructions. If you did not, please contact lms@optimist.org

Who is required to take courses?

Starting 10/1/2020 the new ICD-135 states that all Club Presidents, Secretary/Treasurers, and CFRs need to take courses in order to qualify for awards.

What course should I take first?

Optimist International recommends that you take the "Welcome" course when you first login. This course will give you a TON of information on how to use the LMS.

If I start a course and have to leave, can I come back to it?

Yes. If you log out in the middle of a course, when you log back in it will take you to where you left off.

What do I do if I completed a course, but it is not showing complete?

Most likely you missed a part of the course. Make sure to scroll down in each unit within courses to ensure you are fully completing each unit.

A video won't load, who do I contact?

Unfortunately, most of the time this is due to internet connection. But if you feel that it is not, please contact lms@optimist.org

Can I track the progress of everyone in my Club?

Yes, please contact lms@optimist.org to set this up.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact lms@optimist.org or call (800) 500-8130